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About this Site

This is a site in which I will try to track down ‘stuff’ that I like or not, or just want to express about me, my world, or my interests.

What to expect? Pictures, rants, random comments, criticisms, links to news sites, and a whole bunch of other stuff. This content will be work-safe, due to the nature of the blog owner (me).

The topics (obviously) will include things I like and/or dislike, expressing my point of view about them.

About me

I’m slashfoo, I’m a computer enthusiast, obsessed with tweaking, be it for performance or just to please my personal taste. The definition of me as a whole should also include the following (but shouldn’t by any means be limited to it):

  • I’m an imperfect perfectionist
  • I’m addicted to learning
  • I’m lazy
  • I like:
    • Challenges
    • Computer hardware (have been using them since my earliest memories)
    • Remembering stuff (although I seldom do)
    • Electronic games (be them computer or console based; like Diablo, World of Warcraft, Quake, Rappelz, etc…), although I’m yet to hone my gaming skills.
    • Pen-and-paper and trading card games (like Dungeons and Dragons, and Magic: The Gathering).
    • Programming (still learning this), I enjoy programming and grokking operating systems.
    • Gadgets and shiny objects.
    • Cool numbers (they normally pop at random places)
    • The color green
    • Big-square tartan/plaid shirts.
    • Seeing how stuff works on the inside
    • Philosophy
    • Martial Arts (Aikido, Muay Thai, Jujutsu, etc…)
    • Animals and Pets (dogs, cats, birds, rodents, fishes, reptiles, everything).
    • Photography
    • Math
    • Physics
    • Eating
    • Sleeping
  • I don’t like: Ha! You thought I’d tell you? Find out yourself! You can read this blog, there might be some hints laying around.