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Oh my very inactive (up to now) blog, but not forgotten.

Sometimes the only thing that can contain a my thoughts sometimes, is a piece of paper that is later scrapped after writing, and thrown away, to be found and read a long time after it has become irrelevant.

Something interesting happened today, I got a headache because of being angry at a situation. Yup, only a headache.

This headache/situation is because of a common practice, actually the MO of a lot of companies, they just expect you to be ignorant, and treat you like you are. So here I am, semi-ranting.

What would be the best sort of container for my thoughts? (I sometimes wonder).

  • Music, I have been working on learning how to play guitar (classical/nylon strings).
  • Prose, well, this blog is one, notebooks and journals are other ways of it.
  • Verse, the fact that I stopped writing these long time ago, doesn’t mean I have forgotten.
  • Code, yes… sometimes I can store my thoughts in programming languages… sue me for being geeky.
  • Drawing, I’m not very talented at this, all I do is doodle most of the time.
  • I know there are lots of ways more, care to suggest any? and or support any of the previous?

The question would actually be, coming from me… what would you pay attention the most? (leave comments, if you put “private” anywhere in the message, I wont publish it).


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