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Word of the day: Moronic

According to

Moron: S:idiot, imbecile, cretin, moron, changeling, half-wit, retard (a person of subnormal intelligence)


Due to some moronic rules/policies or the people that came up with them… or the people that weren’t fit for a “loose” system made the system tighten… now I see a message like this:

Content is blocked by your organization

Reason: This category of ___________ is being filtered: Social Networking and Personal Sites


Funny that on some sites something like this reads:

To view sites on this category, you must use your quota time. You are provided with 60 minutes of quota. Click on the button “Use quota” to begin to use your allotted time in periods of 10 minutes to view this and other sites on categories limited by quota.

So, now we see that the system was too loose for some (immature) people, and now they made the whole thing tighter to the point of making the misfits as well as everyone else uncomfortable, everyone, including those who did NOT abuse their freedom which is why I find this moronic. Now I think the one that’s not fitting is me.

What will I do? Use the channels that the system lets me to, until I can find a way to change the system, or to change systems altogether.


 Note: Will update this later with the correct/linked definition from the… yes… it’s blocked too so had to grab it from somewhere else.

 Edit: Done.