glider emblem Tartan and my comfy clothes

Tartan pattern on one of my favorite shirts


A friend reminded me of my comfy-wear today. Here’s a short description of what I call comfy-wear.

  • Tartan long sleeve shirt (pattern shown in the picture), preferably in full cotton or similar soft cloths, with the sleeves rolled up to just above the elbows and not tucked in, with a white full cotton t-shirt under it, and normally one pen and a permanent marker on the pocket.
  • Thick and semi-loose cotton pants with big pockets, or soft loose jeans.
  • Brown thick leather two-strap sandals with a back strap, these had a very comfortable-like-a-sneaker-shoe feeling to the straps, not the usual leather-to-your-skin sandals.
  • All these in dark colors, wine-red, green, blue, brown, black.
  • No rings, watches, bracelets, or other jewelry-type thingies.
  • My backpack with all my stuff. I have, over the years learnt to consider it part of my clothing.

So this is how I used to go to school, and I loved it. I have had to stop using it because now I have a job with a big business/corporate atmosphere and go to school from work.

So, I was this guy, going around on those clothes, long hair worn loose and beard, with glasses, and on bad-hair days a simple loose ponytail, and/or a baseball hat without any logos in the same tartan pattern or plain, same dark colors mentioned before.

Yes, I’m a geek, and that’s how I like to dress since it is as comfortable as it gets, and no crummy/crufty/untidy aura that might be related to such loosely worn garments, needless to say I always remain clean good smelling.

And yes, I like tartan/plaid/checked-patterns on clothes.


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