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Sitting there, feeling bad about something that happened, no matter how big it was, and how bad you feel about it won’t accomplish anything, it is in the past. My humble suggestion is, stand up and take decisions and actions for the present and future, taking the past as a reference only, because:

  1. Feeling bad and not doing anything won’t change the status quo.
  2. Doing whatever you do (up to my knowledge) won’t change the past.

And, if feeling bad won’t change anything, why revolve around that feeling? Not everything happens as you wanted or planned for. Don’t get stuck in a moment when something happened and isn’t under your control, because the world will keep spinning, time will keep flowing, and life goes on. Continue living and moving, working with the knowledge you now have to evade future situations as the one you are feeling bad about at this very moment.

So, is there a difference between your current reality and your desired state? Work to change it, and if you can’t by any means change it, accept it. It’s WAY harder than it sounds, but it is a great “skill” to learn to incorporate in your M.O.


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