glider emblem A new reason to live



I wasn’t lacking reasons to live, but here’s just a new one, and a strong one at that. This is the daughter of two of the dearest and closest people to me. Her parents gave me the title of co-parent a couple of months back, which I received with honor and with intention and decision to fulfill the role. Now that I see this beautiful child here, I can only feel much stronger in that position.

I’m posting here just to share a little bit the joy of having her in my life now.

I feel her like a little spot of pink in all the see of green that’s my life :) (I like the color green). And even if I can’t fully describe what I felt when I first saw her with words, I know I felt that all in the world will be safe and well if I can continue to see her well. I felt I could stand there by her side seeing her sleep for hours, and I felt the most tremendous burst of joy and tranquility that has ever filled me when I saw her and both her parents well after childbirth.