glider emblem Caffeine & my all-nighter-early-wakeup-mix

 Disclaimer: DON’T BE STUPID. Read what caffeine does to you and KNOW how to dose it. It’s a drug, and causes tolerance, dependence and withdrawal. Be smart and do NOT abuse it. It’s always better to time/program yourself and still get your full night’s sleep. Nothing can replace it. And do yourself a favor, don’t do this often.

Given a scenario in which I’m still awake for whatever reason at 04:30 on a Monday-Friday (which means I’ll need to wake up in 1h30m if I went to sleep then and there), I have two options, either I go to sleep and be refreshed a bit, or just skip the whole thing and be a zombie for the rest of the day, which is 18h. I’ve explored what happens to me when I’m sleep deprived , and those effects are undesired. I can do a couple of things to wake up early if I’m going to sleep less than 4h, although most are VERY unreliable and will wake me up after I’ve had 3h of sleep at best (I know myself that well).

One of the things I can do to go to sleep between 04:30 and 05:00, and still wake up at 06:00 in time to give my dog some food and water, do my morning exercises, check my emails and whatnot is have my “all-nighter-early-wakeup-mix” (to give it a name). It is a kind of “caffeine nap” but adjusted to my body’s metabolism and caffeine tolerance.

The mix goes like this:

  • 1x 200mg caffeine tablet (this one is what does the trick, the rest is optional, and kind of a comfort food :P)
  • 8oz. of Milk
  • 2tbsp. of cocoa powder
  • 1/2tsp. of vanilla extract
  • 1/2tsp. of salt
  • 1/2tbsp. of sugar (if the cocoa powder used was unsweetened)
  • powdered cinnamon to taste

Good, so you’ve downed a pseudo-chocolate-milkshake and 200mg of anhydrous caffeine. Now you’re ready to sleep 1h to 1h30m and still be able to hear and wake up with your regular alarm IF you have a metabolism like mine.


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